Halloweens Coming

Posted by Rob 09/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

It's amazing how time catches up with you and before you know it Halloween here.

So although it's just under 3 months (at the time of writing) till Halloween, we've added our Halloween items to the website.

Now what we keep on the website and in the shop will vary. Our website is limited to Smiffys range and while they have a great range, we keep some cool stuff in the shop that's NOT on the website. Plus, we can give you some great ideas on makeup, what to use, how to use it etc., which you can only do face to face.

That's where the difference is. Websites are faceless order takers, press a button and with some behind the scenes jiggery-pokery, you get your goods delivered. The problem with fancy dress is that what you ordered isn't necessarily what you expected, we recommend visiting our shop. we've changing rooms, we can order lines in for you and we can give you advice.

So peruse our Halloween section and in particular the Special FX section, this has all the latex, blood, scars etc., that you could need for that scary makeup.

We'll also try and put up some good links to some Youtube vids that show how to get that scary look.

So for now.....


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